Group Seminars/Workshops

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Small group seminars (up to 30) include learning components and group discussion. Contact us to find the seminar/workshop for your group


Past workshops have included:

  • Cool and composed after a bad shot: Mental strategies to enhance your competitive edge
  • Be your own best coach: How to use self-talk to improve your game
  • Self-talk and focusing strategies to improve your game
  • Managing your mental game: focusing strategies to improve your game
  • Taking charge of your golf game: Managing what you can and cannot control
  • Seminar for Parents of Great Golfers


Some things you will learn:

  • Put a shot behind you and not let it affect the rest of your game
  • Identify the beliefs and expectations that can interfere with your game
  • Learn something constructive from every round that can help you in future rounds
  • Identify the emotions that get in the way of your game and find ways to deal with them
  • Take your range game to the course
  • Stay ‘neutral’ in a pressure situation
  • Stay focused in the present
  • Make decisions and commit to them
  • Create an effective pre and post-shot routines
  • Press your reset button and bounce back after a bad shot
  • Keep your focus on the task at hand
  • Distinguish between what you can and cannot control on the course


It was easy to relate to the examples Victoria gave in her presentation. She seemed like ‘one of us’ and addressed us like she was speaking to us individually. Her tips were very practical and easy to try immediately. I wish I had Victoria in my bag.   B.A.L. Handicap 9


I loved this workshop. It has helped me see how my expectations are limiting me, and given me ideas and tools I can work with to deal with that, and change expectations to goals. Many thanks, Victoria!

J. R., Handicap 12