One-on-One sessions


Golf Mental Coaching can be done by phone, by email, in-person and even on the golf course.

We begin with a short assessment to identify the issues that could be interfering with your game. We work together to develop a to identify your strengths, areas of improvement, goals, differences between the times when you play your best and your worst golf, etc. We follow up with a discussion and feedback session.

  • In person $120/hour
  • On the phone $120/hour
  • On the course $220 for 9 holes

Depending on the number of sessions and your goals, individual sessions may include the following:

  • GMAP (Golf Mental Aptitude Profile)
  • Emotional Style Assessment
  • Golfers Mental Skills assessment
  • Customized Mental Game Plan
  • Feedback and discussion session

During the mental coaching sessions you will learn how to:

  • Put a shot behind you and not let it affect the rest of your game
  • Identify the beliefs, attitudes, and expectations that can hinder your performance
  • Learn something constructive from every round that can help you in future rounds
  • Identify the emotions that get in the way of your game and find ways to deal with them
  • Take your range game to the course
  • Stay ‘neutral’ in a pressure situation
  • Stay focused in the present
  • Make decisions and commit to them
  • Create an effective pre and post-shot routines
  • Press your reset button and bounce back after a bad shot
  • Keep your concentration on the task at hand
  • Distinguish between what you can and cannot control on the course
  • Play a more consistent game

Victoria urged me to take part in our Club Championship event. I had never participated in this type of competition before and was quite hesitant about it. She then offered to be my caddie.  Having Victoria “alongside” was great. I learned so much from her that day: how to keep focused; how to plan my shot; how to concentrate on my game not my opponent’s; and moving on when I did not do well. Victoria has a calm demeanor, a vast knowledge of golf and the very important credential – being a psychologist – she has it all.

I would recommend Victoria to all golfers, high and low handicaps. She can make a difference to your game.’

- I.S.L. Handicap 28

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