The Golf Christmas Tree

Play golf
Be thankful
Feel the shot
Trust your swing
Find your balance
Use your right brain
Show your happiness
Forget the last bad shot
Take a deep breath
Commit to the shot
Stick to your pre-shot routine
Learn to create confidence. Keep it
Find your best tempo and hang on to it
Help others. Follow the rules
Keep your attention on your intention
Write down three things you like about your game
Write down one thing you need to improve
Treat yourself as you would your best friend
Try to look at things from different perspectives
Listen to understand, not to react
Treat every shot as a new possibility for greatness
Stick to your game plan. Learn from mistakes
Find the ingredients for your own peak performance state
Close your eyes and visualize the ball flight. Make that birdie putt
Beware of ‘shoulds’, ‘musts,’ and ‘have to’s: they create expectations
Expectations are irrational. Goals are measurable, realistic and doable
Expectations are not goals. Focus on goals
List all the things you do well. Welcome someone. Buy yourself a gift
Habits can be changed. Think out of the box. Find something else that works
If it doesn’t work, do something differently
Tell those you love how much you love them
Think about what you have. You are not alone
Love golf
Relax your grip
Play from your play box
Think in your think box
Cultivate your wisdom


3 comments on “The Golf Christmas Tree

  1. Mimi

    Love it! Words to live by!

  2. rita

    me ha gustado muchisimo este Arbol de Navidad, repleto de buenos deseos e ideas¡¡¡ Felicitaciones¡

    1. Victoria

      Mil gracias, Rita. Tu haces muchas de estas cosas!


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